About ASPA

The Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors

ASPA’s Role and Function

We are the only organization whose members are specialized and professional accrediting agencies. Our member accreditors set national educational standards for entry into more than 100 specialized disciplines or defined professions. ASPA, a 501(c)(3) association, works with higher education and government officials to enhance education and accreditation and functions as the only national voice for this important constituency.



We represent our accreditor members on the issues of educational quality facing institutions of higher education, governments, students, and the public.

Accreditation Value

Our association advances the knowledge, skills, good practices, and ethical commitments of accreditors, and communicates the value of accreditation as a means of enhancing educational quality.

Standards of Excellence

Specialized and professional accrediting organizations in the United States operate to ensure that students in educational programs receive an education that is consistent with standards for entry into practice or advanced practice in a student’s chosen profession or field of study.


With approximately 60 member agencies, ASPA is the only unified, national voice that supports the importance of specialized and professional accreditation.

Our Mission

ASPA communicates the value of specialized and professional higher education accreditation and promotes quality by facilitating discussion among and providing educational opportunities for programmatic accreditors. (March 2020)

Our Vision

ASPA is the authoritative voice of specialized and professional accreditation.

Our Values

The Association, the Board, and all Committees shall promote dignity, respect, courtesy, and cooperation in all aspects of the Association’s work.

ASPA 25th Anniversary Photo Gallery

ASPA celebrated its 25th anniversary the fall of 2018. View the photo gallery here.

Accreditor Members

See a full list of accreditors who are members of ASPA and the professions and fields of study for which they set quality standards.